2016 QLD Audio Bundle


We hope you will be blessed by our speaker talks from the 2016 Mum Heart Conference. 

These talks do not need to be heard in any particular order with the exception of Julie Gadischke’s introduction to the theme of our conference and Alice Burke’s two talks.

These audios are provided as part of the Mum Heart Conference and are under copyright.  Each file is between 50-100MB each. (That’s quite a big size – so allow some download time.)

Thanks and God Bless, Mum Heart Conference Team

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Julie Gadischke
Introduction to the theme of the conference. Sailing through the homeschool years. From a mum who has finished her journey and is now watching her daughter homeschool.
Time: 18 Mins Size:33MB

Anne Tattersall
Anne shares… When we first decide to home school it is like starting out on a new adventure. We see where we are starting. We have a picture of what we hope it will look like at the end. But the in between time can feel hard to navigate. Here are some key strategies that have helped her.
Time: 35 Mins Size:65MB

Julie Acason
Julie shared from her heart about how we compare our lives with others. This cycle of comparison can act as a thorn in our sides, robbing us of contentment, distracting us from the journey God has intended specially for us and our family.
Time: 24 Mins Size:44MB

Alice Burke
Alice has prayerfully prepared two talks :
Download Part One: “A Homeschooling Mother’s Story” – a beautiful testimony of how God takes us from the place where we feel like we have come to the end of our capabilities and how we can find God’s strength.
Time: 32 Mins Size:58MB

Part Two: “Fountain Overflowing”. Alice reminds us not to collect a jug of living water but to learn to live in the fountain of living water.
Time: 30 Mins Size:57MB

Jacinta Caudell
Jacinta shares some “tools” their family have used to raise children who are passionate about serving the Lord by caring for the poor and creating equality and justice in the world.
Time: 33 Mins Size:60MB

Renee Bogdan
Over the past five years Renee has endured many trials including advanced breast cancer. These trials have been an opportunity for growth. Renee has a strengthened faith and renewed passion for the things that really matter in life.
Time: 38 Mins Size:70MB

Barb Somervaille
Teaching and training her family at home is her life’s work. Barb is committed for the long haul and she looks forward to sharing a little about how the Lord has carried her with strength and joy through the adventures so far.
Time: 36 Mins Size:66MB

Kylie Hoey
Download – Being a Disciple of Christ
Time: 24 Mins Size:44MB
Download – Workshop Title: Learning Together – the joys and challenges of educating multiple children at different ages and stages.
Time: 48 Mins Size:90MB

Belinda Letchford
Belinda wants to share on the idea of teaching our children character. She will be sharing why this is so important and how to add it to your day without it simply becoming another academic subject.
Time: 54 Mins Size:99MB


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