For us to dance in God's presence we need to guard our heart against unforgiveness, disappointment and fear.

When was the last time you had a good chat with your father? Your Heavenly Father?

When was the last time you had a really good long conversation with Him?

Prayer is two-way communication.

To pray is not to prattle, to pepper with requests or to complain, but we can be honest in prayer and that might mean expressing our deepest feelings to God!

To talk things over with Him and get some things off our chest. To lament and to pour out our heart to the One who created us.

To pray is to listen too.

And that means being still. To hush and to be quiet.

Sometimes God is silent. Sometimes there are just no words.

It’s ok to just sit with God. To just be with Him. To put ourselves in a space where we simply spend time quietly with Him, aware of His presence.

He is close by, whether we feel His presence or not. It’s times like these when we hold fast to the facts.

Jesus never leaves us or forsakes us. He is interceding with the Heavenly Father on our behalf. He longs for us to know Him as Prince of Peace and come to Him to find rest for our souls. Scripture reassures us that when we draw near to God, He draws close to us.

Jesus beckons us. “Come away with me.” He invites us to escape the chatter and distractions that clamour for our attention and withdraw for a while.

Sometimes it means step away. We need to back off to see the big picture with fresh eyes.

Like a weary soldier, we MUST to withdraw from the frontline and seek new strategies with renewed courage.

In Luke 5:16, we read that Jesus often withdrew from the clamouring crowds. He went away alone to quiet places to pray. Mark 1:35 tells us, “very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”

How do you make time and space in your days to pray?

I’m sure you know what it’s like to be peopled out by endless demands with everyone clamouring for your time and attention!

Mums are called upon 24/7 and homeschooling mums carry so much on their shoulders.

We have responsibilities that can turn into burdens if we don’t lean on the Lord to carry and enable us.

Jesus was filled with compassion for the crowds who flocked to him to meet their needs. He was often surrounded by people.

He wasn’t resentful or impatient towards them. He was filled with the love poured out from His Father’s heart.

God’s Son knew it was essential to spend precious hours with His Father in order to fulfil His purpose here on earth.

I wonder what they talked about?

I imagine He would have listened a lot. Been reassured that He was loved and that He was on track with His purpose: the Kingdom-work here on earth. He would have sought wisdom, listening to the Father’s voice for the ‘how-tos’ of following through His directives. Jesus said He didn’t do anything unless the Father told him to. He may have wrestled with all sorts of feelings. I don’t know. He was fully human, so I imagine He would have felt feelings we struggle with too such as weariness and impatience. I’m sure He prayed for grace as he spent each day with his disciples. He probably asked questions, to seek advice for clarity to obey with confidence. He talked with God to align himself with His Father’s will.

Prayer fuelled him.

If Jesus needed to pray, I am challenged that I want to pray more too.

I am limited and short sighted without His perspective.

Life keeps me humbly aware of my inadequacy and weakness. I can strive in my own strength but that means I fall far short of what I am capable of. With God’s strength, my capacity expands and He enables me to fulfil His purpose instead of my own plans.

Let’s join God in the adventure of seeing Him do far more than we can imagine as this year unfolds.

We encourage mums in a geographical area to gather together and build relationship and support with each other.  If you meet monthly you may find these reflective questions helpful to guide your discussion.

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Barb Somervaille

Barb Somervaille

Barb and her husband Andrew live on a beautiful little property north of Toowoomba. Home educating their eight children has been Barb’s career for 26 years. They mainly used the ACE curriculum interspersed with various resources to broaden the basics such as Sonlight historical literature and Charlotte Mason’s ideas. Horizons are broadening with a blossoming flower farm that funded an adventurous geography excursion overseas as a grand finale to their homeschooling journey last year. Barb has hung up her teaching hat, but her heart is full to encourage mums in the thick of the action. She has been involved with encouraging families in South East Queensland for more than 20 years. She has more time on her hands now with only one at home and loves playing with art, flowers and words. She occasionally jots downs thoughts on her blog Quiet Son Beams

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