For us to dance in God's presence we need to guard our heart against unforgiveness, disappointment and fear.

A Mother’s Heart

As I sit by your cradle, I’m amazed as I watch you grow!

These are a handful of lessons; I dearly want you to know…

Remember your manners; keep your elbows off the table

All through your life, do the best that you are able!


Eat up all the fruit and veggies that I dish up on your plate

Picking up behind you, has got to be my pet hate

Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye

When things begin to get sticky, don’t be tempted to lie


You have been endowed with gifts and talents particular to your own

Do yourself a favour and take a break from your mobile phone

Commit to memory those magic words “Thank-you” and “Please”

And remember that the most powerful place on the planet is where

You’re down on your knees


Be humble, learn from everyone you meet

Take a moment to love your neighbours who live along your street

Live each day as though it were your last

Quick to feast and celebrate, and sometime even fast…


Treat other as you would like to be treated – this is the Golden Rule!

It alone will eclipse the greatest lessons you’ll learn at school

Life may not always turn out exactly as you hoped it would

Remember that the Good Lord will always work it out for good


Forgive yourself, and don’t record the faults of others

Play fair and happily with your sisters and your brothers!

Be friendly to all… but choose your close friends wisely

Quick to lend a hand, don’t become miserly!


Live with passion! Find out what brings you to tears…

Something worthy of your time, and the investment of your years

Be inquisitive and questioning; ask the reason “Why?”

Don’t leave things to just chance or just pie in the sky


Closely inspect everything you put inside your body

Aim for excellence in what you do and don’t submit work that’s shoddy

Don’t blame others, be responsible for the decisions in your life

Use wisdom, prudence and discretion to avoid all kinds of strife

Seize every opportunity to spread “His Great Story”

That thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory!

Work hard and diligently, to do your very best

Trust the Lord to sort it out, He will do the rest


Control your tongue; be careful what you say…

Destruction comes so swiftly at a price you’d never want to pay!

Don’t look sideways – don’t compare

Nobody’s got it all… that’s why we’ve got to share


Count the number of your days, live with the end in mind

Thankful, generous, compassionate and always choose to be kind

Your salvation will not depend upon anything you’ve done

But solely on the finished work of Jesus, God’s own beloved Son


I wish I could magic away your pain, and I would if I could

But train yourself to look on the bright side and always find the good

You don’t have to be perfect, enjoy life, laugh and just have a go…

And do plenty of good, ‘cause you’ll reap just what you sow


I pray God’s hand of blessing, protection and favour would rest upon everything you do

And because I am your Mummy, I love you just because you’re YOU!


by Annette McCredie

We encourage mums in a geographical area to gather together and build relationship and support with each other.  If you meet monthly you may find these reflective questions helpful to guide your discussion.

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Annette McCredie

Annette McCredie

Annette, together with her husband of 27 years Matthew, have completed homeschooling their five children. Annette’s message in a nutshells is to, “Live with the end in mind” She will bring to our “Mum Heart Conference” encouragement, practical ideas and God’s wisdom to inspire you on your own unique journey of raising your own precious family.

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