As we settled into our seats to fly from Queensland to Victoria to meet with homeschooling mums, God had a little chuckle. The captain introduced himself with a warm welcome and my heart skipped a beat. The pilot was a homeschooled boy our family knew years ago!

When I popped into the cockpit to say hello, I remembered his mum. She helped her son get to where he is today – a respected and accomplished pilot.

I remembered her self-sacrifice. Her commitment to work hard to help her children to the best of her ability every step of the way. She studied those chemistry paces each evening through the season she needed to help her son grasp those concepts. She stacked supermarket shelves at night to help pay the way for university.

I was in awe of her dedication and this past week I was reminded just how much God equips and enables us to be competent to help our children get where He wants them to go.

You have what it takes to help your children soar. Don’t underestimate yourself! Don’t underestimate how God will help you. He will make a way. He provides amazing opportunities to help you help your children. 


Let His Light Shine

You may have left the limelight to come home to full time motherhood.

Mothers are not in the spotlight. Cultivating a home and knitting hearts together is a hidden work.

The Lord gave me a beautiful picture of mothers, tucked away in their homes, busy creating family culture and nurturing lives. They are like beautiful lamps, quietly glowing with warmth and gentle light, drawing family close. God’s glory shines in a home where the Prince of Peace is present.

We must be intentional to connect to the source of power that enables us to keep shining.

We need to stay plugged into God who keeps our lamps burning brightly.

We forget so easily. We serve and strive in our own strength and get so depleted and wonder why.

The photo of this lovely lamp was taken in the beautiful venue of Chateau Yering during our conference.

It is a reminder to stay connected to the Lord, to abide in Him and let his strength flow through us.

Psalm 18:28 – “You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.”

If you read through this whole Psalm, it strikes me how much God does. It is He who empowers us to do whatever He requires.

YOU, Lord, keep my lamp burning. YOU turn my darkness into light. With God’s help we can. It is God who arms us with strength, enables us, trains us, sustains us and broadens the path beneath our feet as we follow Him – one step at a time. He is our strength, rock, fortress and deliverer.  He is our shield and stronghold. He saves us from the enemy, He rescues us, He supports us, He delights in us, He rewards us. He is faithful.

We encourage mums in a geographical area to gather together and build relationship and support with each other.  If you meet monthly you may find these reflective questions helpful to guide your discussion.

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Barb Somervaille

Barb Somervaille

Barb and her husband Andrew live on a beautiful little property north of Toowoomba. Home educating their eight children has been Barb’s career for 26 years. They mainly used the ACE curriculum interspersed with various resources to broaden the basics such as Sonlight historical literature and Charlotte Mason’s ideas. Horizons are broadening with a blossoming flower farm that funded an adventurous geography excursion overseas as a grand finale to their homeschooling journey last year. Barb has hung up her teaching hat, but her heart is full to encourage mums in the thick of the action. She has been involved with encouraging families in South East Queensland for more than 20 years. She has more time on her hands now with only one at home and loves playing with art, flowers and words. She occasionally jots downs thoughts on her blog Quiet Son Beams

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