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Our new online shop is open! Audios are now available from this year’s conferences as well as 2015 and 2016.

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I am sure God’s timing is perfect and if you need this particular encouragement from even one of these talks right now, that’s spot on.

Take time over the summer holidays to refresh and refuel. Listening to these conference sessions might just be the help you need to gather some new ideas and perspective as you step back and consider the deeper reasons of why you choose to home educate and how that looks for your family.

Check out the Audio Bundles here.

Please pray with us as we get the ball rolling for our next conference at beautiful Kingscliff in 2018.

We will be at Noah’s again and we have some fantastic speakers lined up for you.

Our team is already praying and preparing for this special weekend. We’re very excited by our theme Abiding in the Vine based on John 15.

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