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Jacinta Caudell


Jacinta is a home-schooling mother of six. Along with her husband Clinton, they have been raising and home-educating their children for twenty years. Jacinta also enjoys working on their small permaculture farm, milking goats, spinning yarn and knitting. She enjoys teaching children drawing and craft, and loves to cook for her family and others. Jacinta is passionate about “intentional parenting”, along with getting children outside in nature and giving them activities to do with their hands. As a family, their intention is to live simply in order to share more with those in need. She loves being a home-educating mother, and enjoys helping other home-schooling Mums find time in their lives to discover who they are, and how to express this in their daily life with their families. She is interested in helping others find time in their busy lives to keep learning, keep growing, and time to just be themselves.

Jacinta will be talking about prioritising “wholeness” into our home-schooling days and how we might possibly become free from the hindrance of a hurried life.


Elizabeth Somervaille


Elizabeth is a vibrant young woman with a heart on fire with love for God and for people. She completed her Year 12 education at home and went on to study violin at the Queensland Conservatorium of music. Elizabeth loves sharing her gift in music and was involved in recording a worship album through the ministry of Youth for Christ. Children of Inheritance was released early this year. She is currently involved with What’s Normal – a non-profit school based program empowering young people to challenge what culture accepts as the norm.

Elizabeth will share her testimony about going out from home schooling and into the world. She comes with a message of hope for mums to rise up and raise young people with a strong foundation to step out and into God’s purposes for such a time as this. To raise young people who will be confident and secure to shine and share the love of God with this generation.


Barbara Somervaille


Barb and her husband Andrew live on a beautiful little property north of Toowoomba. Home educating their eight children has been Barb’s career for 26 years. They mainly used the ACE curriculum interspersed with various resources to broaden the basics such as Sonlight historical literature and Charlotte Mason’s ideas. Horizons are broadening with a blossoming flower farm that funded an adventurous geography excursion overseas as a grand finale to their homeschooling journey last year. Barb has hung up her teaching hat, but her heart is full to encourage mums in the thick of the action. She has been involved with encouraging families in South East Queensland for more than 20 years. She has more time on her hands now with only one at home and loves playing with art, flowers and words. She occasionally jots downs thoughts on her blog Quiet Son Beams

Home schooling with courage and confidence.

Barb wants to bolster you to be brave as you continue to step into the fullness of loving your family wholeheartedly. With 30 years of mothering experience, she sure has some stories to tell. Stories of God’s grace and kindness walking through battles and victories with eight children – each one a unique gift. May her words give you hope and courage as you step back from routine and come away this weekend for fresh ideas and a different perspective.



Jo Lloyd


Jo and her husband Cliff live in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales with their three children.  They have been homeschooling for ten years and favour a Classical / Charlotte Mason approach. Jo enjoys being a homeschooling mum and treasures the opportunity and role mums have to shape the lives of their children.

In her career before coming to motherhood, Jo saw how the choice of words and phrases affects decisions and futures, and she continues to see this within parenting and homeschooling. Our families are influenced by the words read in books, the words they hear spoken to them and about them, and by silence. Jo will reflect on how mums can equip and strengthen our children and how vital it is that we choose and use our words wisely in doing so. 


Barbara & Elizabeth


Barb and Elizabeth will share about cultivating friendship as mother and daughter.

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