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Belinda Letchford


Belinda is married to Peter and they live in the far north of Western Australia. Their four children (Joshua, Jessica, Naomi, Daniel) are all adults now so life looks different as Peter and Belinda move towards a new season of life. Belinda homeschooled for 20 years – taking each of their children from prep to year 12.  They have all undertaken some form of adult learning since homeschooling and are moving into finding passions and interests of their own.  Belinda’s heart is to encourage mums and dads to build strong families by being intentional and relational in all parts of family life.  You can read more about that on her website:  Live life with your kids!


Annette McCredie


Annette, together with her husband of 27 years Matthew, have completed homeschooling their five children. Annette’s message in a nutshells is to, “Live with the end in mind” She will bring to our “Mum Heart Conference” encouragement, practical ideas and God’s wisdom to inspire you on your own unique journey of raising your own precious family.


Corinna Rhodes


Corinna is a homeschool graduate who is now sharing this homeschooling lifestyle with her own four children aged 6 – 14. She enjoys the ability to live creatively while sharing all the aspects of life with her family. Encouraging other Mums to value the role of motherhood is one of Corinna’s great joys.



Brooke Pipes


Brooke has lived a nomadic life married to Allen for 23 years. During this time they have been in full-time Christian ministry, serving in a faith ministry to the defence force,  pastoring a church and currently with Allen serving as an Army Chaplain in the Australian Defence Force. They have four children; 20 year old twins (girl and boy), a 10 year old boy and a 7 year old girl. They have been homeschooling for 13 years across different states and territories of Australia, starting when the older children were in grade one. Moving every 2 to 4 years has meant Brooke has been given the wonderful opportunity to connect with the homeschool community in different parts of our country. She is looking forward to sharing a time of refreshment and encouragement at the conference as we lean into the Lord together.

Mentor Mums

These mums have walked the walk and come to Mum Heart to connect with Mums along the way.  They may not speak from up front but they have wisdom and insights and a heart to encourage you.  Take the opportunity to grab a cuppa and have a chat.

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